The ADN-BSN Program is a collaborative model for academic progression in Nursing between SF State School of Nursing and designated California Community College (CCC) partners.

This program is designed for students who meet University general education and community partner degree requirements to earn both ADN and BSN degrees in two and a half years through full-time study. Admission to this program is concurrent with the admission to the Associate Degree Nursing Program (ADN) at the College of San Mateo and City College of San Francisco. The curriculum allows credit for some previous course work and with transcript evaluation and may provide up to 20 units for successfully passing the nursing licensure exam (NCLEX) for the State of California. After successful admission to both the ADN and ADN-BSN program, the students will be taking extra classes during the semester and summer. After completion of the ADN program, passing of the NCLEX exam and one last full time semester in the ADN-BSN Program, the student will receive a BSN degree from San Francisco State University School of Nursing.

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Eligibility Requirements and Prerequisite Information

  • All prospective transfer students must be admissible to SF State in accordance with existing criteria as stated in the Undergraduate Admissions Requirements section of the University Bulletin. All prospective second Baccalaureate students must be admissible to SF State in accordance with existing criteria as stated in the Graduate Admissions Requirements section of the University Bulletin.
  • Must be an incoming ADN student at College of San Mateo or City College of San Francisco
  • Alumni of the College of San Mateo ADN Program or City College of San Francisco may apply on a space-available basis
  • Both the School of Nursing supplemental application and the University application must be submitted for those applicants who are not already SF State students. The maximum number of units transferable from a junior college is 70
  • Nursing prerequisite GPA must be 3.0 or higher at the time of School of Nursing supplemental application. Please see the footnote.
  • Must be a California resident or be eligible for in-state tuition
  • Must complete all prerequisite courses below from an accredited College or University with a minimum grade of C.


Prerequisite Coursework
Course Title Description SF State Course Number
Human Anatomy with Lab * Human Anatomy w/Lab; or Part 1 of a combined Anatomy & Physiology series.  BIOL 220 (4 semester units)
Human Physiology with Lab * Human Physiology w/Lab; or Part 2 of a combined Anatomy & Physiology course series.  BIOL 212/ 213 (4 semester units) 
Survey of Chemistry with Lab * General, inorganic, organic, or integrated (any combination of general, organic, or biochemistry) chemistry courses are acceptable  CHEM 101102 (4 semester units) 
General Microbiology with Lab * A Microbiology and corresponding laboratory course  BIOL 210211 (4 semester units) 
Written Communication ** Freshman or Sophomore Composition course; Area A2 at CA community colleges. (Please refer to SF State Bulletin
Oral Communication ** A course in public speaking, interpersonal communication. Includes skill development in listening, speech preparation, and oral presentation; Area A1 at CA community colleges. (Please refer to SF State Bulletin)
Critical Thinking ** A course in logic, argumentation, or debate. This includes Advanced Composition courses which include writing reasoned discourse and providing evaluation of arguments. Area A3 at CA community colleges; ENG 3, Writing II, WR3RC or equivalent at many UCs. (Please refer to SF State Bulletin)
Statistics Statistics. Business Stats or Psych Stats are also acceptable. Math 124 (3 semester units)

* Science courses and statistics must be taken for a letter grade of C or better within the last seven years. Prerequisite GPA will count these four science courses along with statistics.

** These three courses are also university transfer requirements. Transfer students should contact SF State Student Outreach Services office to confirm these courses meet the university transfer requirements. If they meet the requirement, they do not need to be included on NursingCAS application. Prerequisite GPA will not count these courses but they are still required for admission.

  1. Please consult Assist to determine comparable or articulated coursework taken at California community colleges or CSUs. If the course in question was taken at institutions other than California community colleges, please visit Articulation page.
  2. Repeating a prerequisite course is acceptable and applicants can choose the course with the higher grade to fulfill the prerequisite on NursingCAS application.

Transfer Units

Transfer students can transfer a maximum of 70 units from the community college. 

Please complete both CAL State Apply and NursingCAS.

Cal State Apply Application Period 

Spring Admission:

August 1 - September 3

Fall Admission:

October 1 - January 16

We strongly recommend that prospective students complete the Cal State Apply application as early as possible during the application period to allow time for an SF State ID number to be issued and all required university documentation, including a set of official transcripts, residency status information, etc., to be submitted, received and processed.

NursingCas Application Period 

Spring admission:

August 1 -  September 3, 8:59 p.m. Pacific Time

Fall admission:

October 1 - January 16, 8:59 p.m. Pacific Time

We recommend beginning the process and request official transcripts to be sent to NursingCas early in the application period as late transcripts submission and applications will not be accepted, no exception. Further supplemental application guidance and instructions are available during the application period on the Program Materials section of NursingCAS.

Step One: Submit Application to San Francisco State University via Cal State Apply

Step Two: Submit School of Nursing Supplemental Application via NursingCAS

For NursingCAS supplemental application guidance and instructions, please visit NursingCAS Applicant Help Center.

For frequently asked questions about application cycle, including the Re-applicant feature, please visit NursingCAS Application FAQs page.