SFSU-SF Hep B Free Press Conference

Monday, September 14, 2015

This press conference will announce the partnership and collaboration between San Francisco Hep B Free, San Francisco State University School of Nursing, JINS Eyewear, Crossings TV, and several business based out of, or who employee within San Francisco. The purpose of the new initiative is to encourage businesses based in San Francisco, or who employ in San Francisco, to promote employee and community wellness around hepatitis B and liver cancer. Businesses are asked to sign a pledge form, coined the “Business Honor Roll,” acknowledging their recognition of hepatitis B as a prominent health issue among Asian and Pacific Islanders and committing to take a stand in eliminating hepatitis B in San Francisco. Businesses will be provided with direct in-person, or indirect education through brochure distribution, to educate employees and customers on the significance of hepatitis B. Business employees under the new Initiative will be eligible for free hepatitis B screenings and vaccinations. This new initiative will serve to expose a new, never before reached population of San Francisco to the significance of hepatitis B, with a goal of enlisting 100 business partners by December 2016!

The SFSU-SF Hep B Free program at San Francisco State have been working with SF Hep B Free to establish a relationship on working together to increase awareness of Hep B and efforts to increase screening, vaccination, and treatment of Hep B for the Asian and Pacific Islander population in San Francisco. San Francisco Leaders-State Board of Equalization Member Fiona Ma,  Assembly member David Chiu, and our very own Kristine Tulio (GMSN) - on behalf of Larry Vitale who is our faculty lead on this partnership - are among the speakers.

A big thank you to the SFSU-SF Hep B Free program members and Larry Vitale for their hard work on establishing this collaboration and relationship!

When: Monday, September 14, 2015-10:30am

Where: JINS Union Square, 151 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA 94102