New Articles Published by School of Nursing Faculty

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Connie Carr, Nurse Practitioner Program Director and Dr. Elaine Musselman, Associate Director, published, "Hospice & Palliative Care Education for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses: Are More Programs Needed?" on Journal of Family Medicine.

Palliative care is a crucial component to acknowledging all types of health needs. It has been seen that many nursing schools acknowledge the need for Palliative Care, but do not advance to offer a wider variety of this method. A survey was conducted and results show that 90% of Advance Practice Nurses agree on the importance of such courses. Studies also support the idea of having online or hybrid courses on Palliative Care in order to accommodate the different learning needs of the students. This would be a great way to advance the world of clinical medicine for our developing nurses.


Dr. Therese Doan, Assistant Professor, published, "Qualitative Exploration of Sexual Health Among Diverse Breast Cancer Survivors." The publication resulted from collaboration between Health Equity Institute (Susana Tat), School of Nursing (Therese Doan), and Asian American Studies (Grace Yoo) based on a completed study about quality of life of female breast cancer survivors (PI: Grace Yoo and Ellen Levine). The article is published online (August 5, 2016; citation: J Canc Educ. DOI 10.1007/s13187-016-1090-6​), preceding journal publication in a later issue.

Sexual health concerns of breast cancer survivors remain an unmet need for many. The present study consisted of qualitative interviews with 135 racially diverse, female breast cancer survivors who completed treatment to better understand their perspectives on sexual health and management of sexual problems in their potential and existing relationships after breast cancer. This study demonstrates the need for healthcare providers to discuss sexual health after breast cancer with all of their patients as it is a concern that faces single and partnered breast cancer survivors months and years after treatment.

Please join School of Nursing in congratulating these faculty for their accomplishment!