Health Care Mission Trip to Peru

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Nurses in Action Team, a group of 15 SF State Nursing students, led by Dr. Brenda Lewis, RN NCC is heading to Lima and Cusco, Peru starting on March 21st for their global health Care volunteer trip with International Volunteer HQ.

Their mission is to provide basic health care for a Peruvian clinic and orphanage. Nursing interventions will include care such as: health assessments, B/P, skin assessments, health education, hearing and vision screening, and injections.


The 15 students have collected children's clothing, stethoscopes & BP cuffs, sterile masks/gloves, suitcases full of vitamins and medications, such as Motrin/Tylenol/ASA, to be donated to the Peruvian clinic and orphanage. Some of the vitamins and medications were donated by 60 students in Dr. Lewis’ Maternity Theory class as "5-point global health care quiz!”


The 15 Nursing students, whose dedications, times, and effort, deserve a stand ovation, are:

1)      Sudha Saravanan

2)      Melis Sunay

3)      Gissella Barrientos

4)      Jeannette Quintana

5)      Melissa Estrada Diaz

6)      Rebecca Sackman

7)      Krista Klein

8)      Kristen Peinado

9)      Jackie Sheets

10)  Ashley Messiah

11)  Gina VanKula

12)  Patrice DePaola

13)  Lydia Marque

14)  Nina Mittelstadt

15)  Kim Johnson


The group will be staying with local host families – 4 people to a home. They will be working form 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and take a 2-hour Spanish class everyday as part of the language requirement.

On the final day, as they are wrapping up this mission trip, the group will be taking a train and bus up the Andes Mountains to Machu-Picchu to explore and experience the holy ruins.

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