2014 School of Nursing Undergraduate Department Honoree Felise Angeline Vito Tan

Friday, May 16, 2014

Felise Tan has been selected as the Departmental Honoree at the spring 2014 Pinning Ceremony on May 19 and Undergraduate Honors Convocation on Thursday, May 22.


From the very beginning, Felise has distinguished herself as a student that goes far beyond the activities required by the program, being a ready volunteer providing clinical services to underserved and vulnerable populations. Felise’ record of volunteering while at SF State School of Nursing began during her first semester when she participated in the campus blood drive. Since that time she has been a part of the Nursing Student Association (NSA) sponsored School of Nursing orientation sessions for incoming students each semester. Now, as the NSA Communications Director, she revised the NSA website, Facebook page, has kept students updated on events and volunteer opportunities, and encourages students to use these opportunities to become more active with their student organization. Felise also volunteers regularly at a Tattoo Removal Clinic, held in the County Hospital in Oakland, early on Saturday mornings. This clinic is part of a program to assist young former gang members to make a new start in life and is called Project New Start. She was part of two other Alameda County Public Health Department sponsored health promotion events: one at the East Oakland Boxing Association and the other at San Quintin State Prison.

Felise has excelled academically, but more importantly, she manifests qualities that cannot be learned in books: as integrity, compassion, caring, and an excellent work ethic. Her life journey shows us a person that is dedicated, determined, persistent, energetic, enthusiastic, and that has learned to overcome many barriers. Felise has not only earned this recommendation, she has earned our respect, trust, and admiration. - Larry Vitale, RN, MPA, MPH


Please join us in congratulating Felise Tan!