2014 School of Nursing Graduate Distinguished Achievement Award Recipients - Natalie Levine and Ashley Tsang

Friday, May 16, 2014

Natalie Enid Levine and Ashely Tsang have been selected as Graduate Distinguished Achievement Award Recipients and will be recognized at the spring 2014 Pinning Ceremony on May 19 and Graduate Student Commencement Ceremony on May 23.


Natalie Levine, Non-RN MSN

Natalie distinguished herself as an outstanding student as well as a wonderful resource for her fellow students. In the classroom, she is active in every discussion where her past experiences provide a unique perspective on healthcare. She consistently performs at the highest level. She excelled in the pre-licensure curriculum and transitioned into the graduate material with poise and grace. Her maturity and life experiences set her apart from the rest of the group. She receives the highest praise from nurses in the community that have precepted her. She is a tireless advocate for the care of her patients, families, colleagues, and community.

Natalie distinguishes herself, not only through academic achievement, but also through her willingness to share with all around her. She always has a moment to stop and listen. This quality will serve her well as a professional nurse. In classroom, clinic, hospital, or hallway, Natalie will provide a mature, nurturing hand when approached.

Natalie is active the student nurses association on campus and also continues her work within the community at large. She currently volunteers at Children’s Hospital and Research Center Oakland in the day hospital. In this capacity, she entertains and supports patients, and families receiving IV infusion therapies. She provides an outlet for those undergoing uncomfortable or frightening treatments. She is a bright, energetic, natural leader. – Connie Carr, MSN, FNP


Ashley Tsang, Non-RN MSN

Ashley started the program in fall 2010. She joined the Nursing Students’ Association (NSA) and has been active in the organization from the beginning of her program. She also became an active volunteer at immunization outreach clinics such as the Institute on Aging where she provided influenza vaccinations at San Francisco homeless shelters during the fall of 2012 and 2013.

Ashley became an active volunteer with the San Francisco Hep B Free (SFHBF) campaign. She became well known in the community as an Ambassador for the SFHBF organization. These community activities honor the school’s mission to serve society through civic engagement and lifelong learning.

Ashley is a dedicated, determined, persistent, energetic, enthusiastic individual overcoming many obstacles in pursuit of a mission. – Larry Vitale, RN, MPA, MPH


Please join us in congratulating Natalie and Ashley!