SoN NCLEX Application Process Guidelines

The California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) application process for an NCLEX-RN test and RN licensure in California

Application for Licensure by Examination and Instructions

Please submit the application and specific questions about the application directly to the BRN. For the Application for Licensure by Examination instructions, please go here.

  • You can complete the Application for Licensure by Examination application online or on paper. Please read the application instructions thoroughly as it will be your primary source of information regarding this portion of process. Fee: $150; $200 if requesting an Interim Permit.
  • A completed application requires fingerprinting. As indicated in the Application for Licensure by Examination instructions, there are two acceptable methods for completing the fingerprint requirement.
    1. “Live Scan” (recommended). Only the LiveScan form can be attached to the online application.
    2. “Fingerprint Card (Hard Card)”. This method requires an additional $49 fee to BRN.

Tip 1: The SF State Police Department offers the “LiveScan” and the “Fingerprint Card (Hard Card. Contact that office at 415-338-6043 to make an appointment. For additional information, please visit their website.

Tip 2: Any place which offers the Live Scan service will request a Live Scan Service form. The BRN's Request for Live Scan Service for Exam and Endorsement Applicants is available here .

Request for Transcript

If you are ELM/ELM-A students, please submit the form to the School of Nursing Recption Desk.

Completing the BRN Request for Transcript form

Section A. To be completed by applicant

  1. Last Name- Enter legal name
  2. First Name- Enter legal name
  3. Middle Name- Enter your legal name
  4. Address, City, State, Country and Postal/Zip Code
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Social Security Number
  7. Previous Name- Complete if applicable; including maiden names
  8. Name of Professional Registered Nursing School- “San Francisco State University”
  9. Years Attended- the number of years you will have been in the nursing program upon uponcompleting the pre-licensure requirements.
  10. Location- San Francisco
  11. State- CA
  12. Country- USA
  13. Postal/Zip Code- 94132
  14. Year Graduated - Indicate , “Entry Level Master’s in Progress”
  15. Signature of Applicant- you must sign this form
  16. Date- you must date this form

Section B. We are asking students to complete a portion of this section as follows:

  • Entrance Date (ELM students): August 24, 2016
  • Entrance Date (ELM-A students): January 27, 2017
  • Date Diploma/Degree Awarded: “Entry Level MSN in Progress”
  • Date Nursing Requirements Completed: May 23, 2018 (Last day of final exam period)
  • Name of School: Indicate from where your most recent degree was received.
  • Type of Degree: Indicate the type of most recent degree. E.g. BS , MS, MBA, etc.

Additional Useful Information

  • You can begin the Application for Licensure by Examination process now. This portion of the NCLEX-RN process is between you, soon to be California RN, and the Board of Registered Nursing-- the state agency which will issue your RN license. Questions about fees, fingerprinting requirements, etc. must be directed to that office.
  • First-time candidates may apply for an Interim Permit to work while awaiting NCLEX-RN results. Please see page 4 of the Application for Licensure by Examination for complete details.
  • An overview of the entire NCLEX-RN application process (Before the Exam, Exam Day, and After the Exam) is available on the National Council of State Boards of Nursing website.
  • SF State nursing students who successfully complete the pre-licensure program are eligible for certification as a Public Health Nurse in California after receipt of a permanent California RN license. A separate application and fee is required. The application and complete details can be found on the BRN's website.
  • *As per recent BRN policy, transcripts will be accepted in electronic format only. Moreover: Nursing Schools are permitted to send BSN students electronic transcript only after the nursing degree has been conferred and posted. At SF State, degrees are typically conferred and subsequently posted onto transcripts three to four weeks after semester grades have been submitted and approved by the director. We in the SoN will have your transcripts sent to the BRN electronically immediately thereafter. A Transcript Request form is not required of BSN students. Nursing Schools are permitted to send ELM/ELM-A students’ electronic transcript only after the semester’s grades indicating completion of nursing (prelicensure) requirements have posted onto the transcript. At SF State, final grades are usually posted onto transcripts up to two weeks after the semester’s grades have been submitted and approved by the director. As the nursing degree is in progress, a BRN Transcript Request form must be submitted along with Entry Level MSN students’ electronic transcript. We in the SoN will have your transcripts along with the completed Transcript Request form (as we have requested ) sent to the BRN electronically immediately upon posting of grades.

*This BRN transcript/ prelicensure coursework verification process is relatively new and they are monitoring its success. We will notify you if there are of changes on the policy.