ADN-BSN Admission

Eligibility Requirements and Prerequisite Information

  • Must be an incoming ADN student of College of San Mateo
  • Alumni of the College of San Mateo ADN Program may apply on a space available basis
  • Both the School of Nursing supplemental application, and the University application must be submitted for those applicants who are not already SF State students.The maximum number of units transferable from a junior college is 70
  • All prospective students must be admissible to SF State in accordance with existing criteria as stated in the “Undergraduate Admissions Requirements” section of the University Bulletin
  • Nursing prerequisite GPA must be 3.0 or higher at the time of School of Nursing supplemental application
  • Must be a California resident or be eligible for in-state tuition
  • Prerequisite Coursework
    Students must complete all prerequisite courses to ADN at CSM listed below prior to admission to the ADN-BSN program with a minimum grade of C.

Prerequisite Courses to ADN at CSM


Chemistry 410 (Health Sciences Chemistry I) 4
Biology 250 (Anatomy with lab) 4
Biology 240 (General Microbiology with lab) 4
Biology 260 (Introductory Physiology with lab) 5
English 100 (English Composition and Reading) or English 105 (Intensive Composition) * 3
Communication 110 (Public Speaking) 3
Psychology 100 (General Psychology) 3
Psychology 200 (Developmental Psychology) 3
Sociology 100 (Introduction to Sociology) or Anthropology 100 (Cultural Anthropology) 3
Math 120 (Intermediate Algebra) or 122 & 123 (Intermediate Algebra) or higher ** 5/6


* The CSM Nursing Program requires English 100 or English 105. However, the student must also complete English 165 or English 110 at CSM or ENG 214 at SF State prior to enrolling in NURS 312 GW.

** The CSM Nursing Program requires MATH 120; however, to enroll concurrently at SF State, the student must also complete MATH 200.

The coursework noted at CSM above includes nursing program prerequisites, CSM program courses, and CSU GE requirements.

Transfer Units

When a student passes the NCLEX, the student is able to transfer a total of 90 units from CSM to SF State for the purpose of meeting the degree unit requirements. Normally, transfer students can only transfer a maximum of 70 units from the community college. This program allows for the additional 20 units that result from passing the NCLEX. NCLEX credit may be awarded on a student's transcript only to give credit for the College of San Mateo (CSM) nursing course that:

  1. Was successfully completed at CSM,
  2. Is required for the BSN program, and
  3. Cannot be transferred from CSM because of the 70 unit transfer limit.

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SF State Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR)

Second Year Composition ENG 214 or an equivalent community college course as listed on Assist is required prior to enrolling in the nursing GWAR course, NURS 312GW, offered semester one of the program. All undergraduate nursing students must complete NURS 312 GWAR.

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